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Building an Effective, Efficient & Engaged Workforce

It is our goal to make talent acquisition our clients' strategic business advantage. We build an effective, efficient, engaged workforce for every client by going beyond the job description and beyond the resume, making a match that works down to the DNA.

  • Deep Industry Experience
  • Extensive Talent Network
  • On-Demand Talent
  • Global Reach
  • Cultural Insights
  • Diversity

Corporate Hiring Solutions is a Minority and Women-owned and certified staffing firm committed to diversity. We'd like to introduce ourselves and offer assistance for your toughest talent sourcing challenges. Our expert recruiters have an extensive network of the most skilled candidates in the marketplace. Let us help you meet your unique talent needs today

Our Story

Sharvani Srinivas started working for a Global Technology staffing company (FAST) when she first arrived from India. She was young and naïve but was determined to make a comfortable living in the United States. She worked for her sister's company which helped her gain experience working with new technologies and an understanding of how to assimilate in a new country. From learning how to operate a PC to driving on a different side of the road, she adapted very quickly.

FAST was sold to a larger company within two years but she continued working there for a total of 8 years and became the #1 salesperson within the organization.

In 2004, She was approached by a startup company called “Candidates on Demand” that was looking to expand their technology division and offered her a manager role and to build a team around her for their Long Island location. She joined 3 other managers in their new Melville office. Candidates on Demand Group quickly became the fastest growing staffing firm in NY.

Julie Solomon had gone to school for her master’s degree in social work, she had a passion for helping people and knew she wanted to do something in the social work field. She landed her first job through a non-for-profit agency called Vesid, an organization that helped get people with disabilities back in the workforce. Julie loved her job and it felt so rewarding to help people. She helped them gain the confidence in a working environment. She placed these employees in different departments within Stony Brook hospital, she built many great relationships with the department heads that would monitor their work performance. Sadly, after 8 months; the organization ran out of funding, and she was laid off. She was so upset because she loved her job and had no idea how she was going to pay back that $30,000 loan she took out for her master’s degree program at Adelphi. Luckily, she landed an interview at Ajilon (Adecco is the parent company). She was so happy at the company and had worked her way to being the top biller in the creative division throughout the entire National company. She knew she was in the right path of her career. She's helping people in a different way then she thought she would, but it was still very rewarding.

After many years at Ajilon, she was later recruited to become a manager at a new start-up staffing firm called Candidate's on Demand.

Sharvani and Julie met as managers at Candidates on Demand and they hit it off instantly.

When Candidate's on Demand sold 3 years later.; Julie and Sharvani decided it was a good time to start their own company and founded Corporate Hiring Solutions.

The first 6 months were not easy, there were a lot of growing pains. They rented an office in a basement of a beautiful corporate building in Melville, NY.

Their phone carrier had poor service so in the middle of a call, it would just drop. This happened repeatedly. It was so embarrassing and did not look good in a new business just starting out. It was a crucial time to gain the trust and reliability of present and potential clients.

Thankfully, the clients that they both worked with for a few years were extremely supportive. As far as the business, they hit the ground running, everything was great the first year in 2007. Then suddenly the market crashed in 2008. They lost most clients and had no jobs coming in. Many of their competitors were closing, they were very fearful that they would have to do the same, then a miracle happened.

Bed bath was moving their corporate HQS to NJ and they needed temps with the transition. Julie's friend she used to work with at Ajilon was now the Sr. Recruiter at Bed Bath & Beyond. She trusted Julie to find her the right help and the company was back to business again!

In 2009, they decided to become women/minority certified to bid on government contracts. It's not as easy as they thought it would be, they bid many times with no luck and eventually got to work as a subcontractor vendor on other company's contracts. In 2011, they hired their first employee Kevin Mallahy who had years of experience in the business. He was such a great hire and is still with them 10 years later.

Soon after, they hired Michael Clemente who was also a great hire and remains with them today.

Later on, Sharvani and Julie went through hiring and firing of recruiters that were not producing. They learned quickly how hard it is to find good, dedicated, loyal recruiters. That was a huge lesson for them.

In 2020, right before the pandemic hit Julie and Sharvani won their first contract with NYCHA (NYC housing authority)! This was a real exciting time for the business but unfortunately with Covid hitting they were not able to get the volume of business they thought they would get.

Currently, the job market is doing great, and their business is thriving. They are growing and have added on even more recruiters. Their goals are to continue to grow and thrive in an ever-changing job marketplace. They are very proud of the reputation they built throughout the years and have been nominated 5 times as one of Long Island's best staffing firms.

Meet the Team

Julie Solomon

Julie Solomon

Managing Partner
Sharvani Srinivas

Sharvani Srinivas

Managing Partner
Carrie Rubenfeld

Carrie Rubenfeld

Executive Recruiter
Mike Clemente

Mike Clemente

Executive Recruiter
Kevin Mallahy

Kevin Mallahy

Executive Recruiter
Corporate Hiring Solutions


I had the pleasure to meet Julie when looking for a better opportunity. Julie is very responsive to her business. Her intake information was more on a human base than skill set. It was a pleasure to speak and work with a great professional.

Michael Kaplan

Julie is literally the best. Honest, transparent, and caring! She reached out to me as a possible candidate and we clicked immediately. She answered all my questions and concerns right away, no fluff. I’m still at this position a year later and totally loving it. We still keep in touch and she really makes a lasting impression. I hope I won’t need her services for a while but In case I do, I know I’m in the best hands!

Jasmine Chunilal

My position with my last company was eliminated and I was eagerly searching for a new career. I had been dealing with several recruiters looking for the right fit for a long term career. I connected with Julie after months of being unemployed. Julie is one of the most responsive, kind, professional and understanding individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of communicating with. After a couple of recommendations, Julie responded with numerous opportunities and worked with me to find exactly what I had been looking for. I am now positioned in a company that shares the same values as I do and I could not be happier. Julie will help you not only with your search, but actually listens to what you desire and ensures the alignment is correct with your expectations. Not to mention, Julie is a valuable asset in resume building and interview coaching to promote a crisp strategy and a successful interview process. She was able to help me obtain a new career after only a couple of weeks and I will be forever grateful for everything she has done for me.

Anthony Marrone

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie for many years throughout our careers. We first started working together when I had been the HR Manager at glaceau Vitaminwater. When I first met with Julie to recruit for us we had about 10 employees, while working with her we grew the company tremendously over a period of 8 years to about 365 employees. I always had confidence when I reached out to Julie with an open job she would be able to fill it with exactly the talent we were looking for. I felt she always dedicated the time to understand our company's specific needs and always provided us with well-qualified and professional candidates. Now working at BODYARMOR I continue to have a long term trusting relationship with Julie, as I know I can count on her to find me Top Talent in any open position we may have available. If you work with Julie, I promise you will not be disappointed and she will find you the right match that your company is seeking! All in all she is a pleasure to work with!

Kim Rand HR Director at BODYARMOR.

Recruiters enter our lives at uncertain and sometimes challenging times. I met Julie at such a time. Julie helped me to gather together all my past work experiences, and focus my resume and job search. Julie suggested my current job, where I have been happily working for almost eight years. Julie's ability to think outside the box and explore areas that might not be as obvious, helped me land a job that I truly love and which has been a perfect fit. I will always be grateful, and Julie is the first recruiter I refer friends and family to. I will always be grateful for Julie's help and knowledge of the corporate executive job search world!

Lydia Desilva AT BED BATH & BEYOND.

Kevin is a very detail oriented individual who drove our business relationship by being honest and getting the overall job done. Kevin would always follow up on every order and made dealing with the company he worked for much easier. I would recommend Kevin for any position he is currently looking for as he is not afraid to roll his sleeves up to get a job done.

Paul Panozzo Sr. Channel DMR Sales at Synnex Corporation.

I had the opportunity to work with Kevin at Resilien where he was a dedicated and passionate senior sales professional. Kevin was committed not only to his work, but also to those who worked with him.

Joseph Gadaleta CFO at Walkers Shortbread Inc.